A Tour of My Online Course

Here is a short video tour of my online course. Enjoy!

My online Music 114 course for POT


4 thoughts on “A Tour of My Online Course

  1. Dawn says:

    Great job, I too like the Moodle format, but am unfortunately, haven’t had the time to convert
    my existing Blackboard class to this form, is Karen Korstad as great of a whiz at Moodle as she is at Blackboard. I only teach one class at MCC (hybrid ACC 101) and have a fairly active consulting business, so haven’t had time to play with it, but this course has shown me the “drawbacks” of Blackboard.
    Congrats on finishing…bet you are glad. I will be glad very soon. Just finished my presentation today.

  2. Rocío Giráldez says:

    Hello Jean!
    I enjoyed the tour of your course! Repetition of the grading rubric is a good idea. You are right, there must be cases when the person does not read the rubric so repeating the posting next to the assignment is a good reminder. I also liked to see how you used the margins to put some oline links.

  3. Jean, thank you for sharing your class. It’s well-organized and easy to navigate. I prefer the format of Moodle also. I like your use of colorful images – I think pictures often communicate more than words and help to capture the student’s interest.

  4. ericaduran says:

    Jean, I loved your Prezi and that you presented it via YouTube. You rally captured how much you learned during this year! The creativity in which you presented it made me chuckle as well. I loved the analogy that you were like a teenager with too much freedom! You gobbled up all the technology and became overwhelmed, only to recover. This definitely describes me at various points of the year and I think you said it much better 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed all of your psots this year!

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