Week 22 sharings :-)

Dean Shareski’s video:

Is it really possible that “share” is part of his name? How perfect!

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My most favorite part of kindergarten was show-and-tell time. No wonder I became a teacher. My mother and a dear friend I have known since kindergarten used to tell the story that each time I would get up for my turn to share something in kindergarten I would fiddle with my little girl dress and ultimately end up flashing my underwear to the entire class. Hopefully this is not too much information about me. I have no memory of this element of my sharing. All I remember was how much I loved this activity and I couldn’t wait until it was my time again to share. I still feel this way. I cannot wait until I get to share my new insights and findings with my classes each week. After viewing Dean Shareski’s video I am now filled with ideas on ways to have the students participate in some sort of show-and-tell project pertaining to where we are in the class.

My show and tell photo is my musical family. Pictured are: Harold Proppe Jr. on organ, Paul Proppe on guitar, Hal Proppe III on kazoo, & Jean Proppe on spoons, ca. 1967 – Photo taken by Roberta Proppe


It honestly was not until I began this course last fall that I started to actively create my own personal learning network. The first for me was subscribing to RSS feeds through Google Reader, to which I am now addicted. Next was joining Diigo, which was one of our earliest tasks as part of the POT course. I hope to organize my finds better so I can incorporate them as part of my courses. I already have a channel on Youtube that I use almost every week for my courses, so I may begin by using this as part of a resource for students to use in my courses.

I receive inspiration and ideas at strange times during my weekly routine like during a bike ride, during a walk to the lake, in the shower, preparing dinner, chatting with friends over dinner out. I view my PLN as an extension of these types of brain storming/inspirational experiences, so I imagine my frequent voice memos on my phone are part of my PLN. Now if only I can remember where on the phone they are saved! *scratches head* After I find them, my PLN resources on Diigo, Youtube and my RSS feeds can provide me with material to bring these ideas to life.

Chap. 14 in Ko and Rossen:

Great wrap-up chapter in Ko and Rossen!! I especially appreciate the “case” study of a new online instructor. I am also relatively new and have experienced waking up in a cold sweat as I realize some key element for my course I have forgotten to either include or activate. Most times students are forgiving and understand that we are all creating this new learning world together. Phew!

I cannot agree more strongly on the importance of participating in classes, seminars and programs like the POT program for continuing my education in this rapidly changing web world. As you all will see in my final project Prezi, I have learned quite a lot through this valuable course. I am excited to participate in other similar programs for teachers in the future.  This quote struck me as very real and not overly egg-headed at all: “At conferences you can find gurus galore delivering keynote speeches with smug aplomb, peering into the future with laser-like eyes. We think it is wiser to remind ourselves that even Bill Gates, in 1993, didn’t regard the Internet as a serious pretender to his desktop throne” (Ko and Rossen) None of us really knows what unique and exciting tools will be available to us in the future. That is what is so exciting about this type of teaching, it is always changing, evolving and forcing us to be better “sharers” (teachers).

[Image Source]

Ko, S. S., and S. Rossen. Teaching online, a practical guide. Taylor & Francis, 2010.


One thought on “Week 22 sharings :-)

  1. tedmajor says:

    I agree with you about Shareski’s name: it seems like such a perfect pseudonym, I didn’t realize that it was a real naem at first.

    Also: great family photo, one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Looks like great fun!

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