Week 18 – CMS & Other thoughts

Here is a Voki intro for some of my Week 18 thoughts.


Here is a screencast of my image-only with narration slide show for this week.


2 thoughts on “Week 18 – CMS & Other thoughts

  1. lindahargrove@cox.net says:

    It looks like you enjoyed this week’s post with the Voki and Screencast!

    I could see some classes would be better taught on site. I teach a Balance and Mobility class that uses a variety of equipment, that most students would not have at home. Also, I give some kinesthetic feedback relating to posture and movement that would be impossible to replicate online. (I thought of your example of teaching posture and fingering technique for piano students.)

    But, I think of the example of Pilar’s online Spanish class, where students post audio recordings, and actually get more language practice and feedback than if they were in an onsite class. It made quite an impression on me when I heard Pilar share that students exiting the online Spanish class often performed better on an oral exam than onsite students.

    It sounds like you are using the CMS required where you teach in ways that best work for you and your class. I like how Pilar made Blackboard look more like Moodle and I think of how Lisa uses Moodle for her graded assignments and her website for other aspects of her class.

  2. jproppe says:

    Thanks for your comments Linda. I go back and forth with my thoughts on all courses being able to be taught in an online environment. Technological, and pedagogical advances continue to astound me. But, when I ask my F2F students if they would consider taking my courses online, a huge majority say they don’t learn well in online courses not matter what the subject matter. I wonder how we can address and assist these types of students?

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