Week 17 POT post

HERE is my Prezi for week 17.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 POT post

  1. Andrea says:

    Jean, your Prezi was great! Much better than mine!
    I think you highlighted the most important points of the week.
    I feel perfectly in tune with all you said. I have a pretty hard time to see my desk too, but I found that for me it worked better grading on paper.
    I teach Italian and I have a beginners course. Because of the precision and the amount of corrections I have to make on a writing assignment, I found that correcting in Blackboard was very time consuming and heavy. So I decided to make a copy in word of the assignments, I format it as I like (double space, so I can easily write in between lines), I make the corrections and write feedback, then I scan it and I take pictures (with Jing) of the individual assignment. At this point I upload it in the gradebook where I also grade it with a rubric. It seems complicated but it actually changed my life and now I can say that I really enjoy grading in my online class.
    On another note, I totally agree with the educational support of POT. I was already amazed last year when I enrolled in this program, but it keeps amazing me. My problem is that there is so much interesting stuff to read and to try, but so little time to do it.

  2. Aslam says:

    I really enjoyed this presentation. The images made me smile and were informative. The last slide with loosing the instructor and the slide with loosing the student was really effective. I did not become seasick at all 🙂

    • jproppe says:

      Thank you Andrea for the kind compliments. I haven’t yet used Prezi in a class yet, but as I get more comfortable with it I might add a short one to my online course. I use Moodle which seems to support my discipline very well. Thanks also for your informative video for this week. It was very good as well. 🙂

    • jproppe says:

      Thanks Aslam for your positive response. Lately my desk can seem to take on the look of the messy one, especially since tax time is looming! 🙂

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