Week 15 Questions

Does anyone in the group have any samples of their mind map for a class purpose using Personal Brain? I played around with it to organize my computer’s files, but I don’t see much of a use in the classroom. I find it rather time consuming to set up all my files and a bit redundant since isn’t that what my operating systems does anyhow?

I would also love more instruction on how Mr. Kelley added sound to his Jing video. I am having a tough time converting my Week 14 slideshare presentation with sound to a format where I can add captions. It is a very nice video, but the links mentioned in the syllabus entry are not there at the end of the video since it ends abruptly. 😦


2 thoughts on “Week 15 Questions

  1. Lisa M Lane says:

    I created a MindMeister for a class I took, if that’s helpful at all: http://www.mindmeister.com/62813451.

  2. jproppe says:

    Thanks very much for the link Lisa. I really find mind maps busy and confusing (not yours of course) and at least with Personal Brain, very time consuming to create. I don’t see much use for them right now in my courses at this time. I hope this does not exclude me from the complete experience in POT. I can definitely see how this could help a grad student with thesis organization though. Right now I exclusively teach community college students, but who knows what the future might hold.

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