Week 14 – Audio, video fun!

I may be making multiple posts for this week since I am experimenting with Audacity and it’s bells and whistles. It is pretty intuitive to use, but for those not used to music or sound editing it might seem a bit confusing. HERE is a link to a slide share of a unit I use in my history of rock course. I created the show in Powerpoint, then added the audio I had recorded from Audacity and used the Slideshare custom edit bars to synch up the audio with the slides. It is the first time I have added audio to a slideshare file and I’m pretty proud of myself with the results. I hope you enjoy it also. I have not yet quite figured out how to caption this, but that is my next goal.


3 thoughts on “Week 14 – Audio, video fun!

  1. Ted Major says:

    Nice work, Jean. I had no idea that the Shangri-Las were controversial to their contemporaries–they certainly don’t seem scary to those of us who came along later.

    I’ll be interested to see if you find a good way to caption your slidecast. Slideshare doesn’t seem to really support it that I can tell.

  2. jproppe says:

    Thanks Ted! It seems I may have to try a different service for the subtitles for sure. Oh well, it is a good time to experiment, not when I’m under a time crunch in a course. Any suggestions?

    • Ted Major says:

      Suggestions? Not any that are easy and elegant. What I’ve been doing lately is exporting presentations as images, and then using a video editor to sync the images with an audio file. It’s slightly more complicated than Slideshare, but the basic task is the same: aligning pictures with an audio timeline. Then I export a video file which I can post to any video streaming service and subtitle just like any other video. Here’s a screenshot of the video editor I use and the resulting video. I tried to caption it using Universal Subtitles, but Universal Subtitles doesn’t play nicely with blip.tv (or is it the other way around?). grrrr.

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