Has anyone tried Poll Everywhere?

Hi there,

I’m exploring fun stuff during our break and was wondering if anyone had explored or used Poll Everywhere in a classroom or online course? I’d love to have your feedback. This seems to be what I have been looking for to use in my history of rock F2F courses for song polls, but I’m a bit concerned about their privacy policy and gathering email addresses. Thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Has anyone tried Poll Everywhere?

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    I haven’t used but noted a couple of articles about it in my feed reader. Here’s one:
    Clicker technology without the hardware

  2. Ted Major says:

    I use it a few times every semester. It’s a little bit slow (and I occasionally have trouble with campus computers not having the right plugins for powerpoint), but it’s a really great tool. I don’t worry too much about the privacy policy–yes, they gather my email address, but your students will be replying by text, web, or twitter, so PollEverywhere won’t have their emails. There’s also the web reply if students don’t want to reveal phone numbers.

  3. jproppe says:

    Looks like I’ll be trying Socrat*ve instead this semester. The tech support at the college where I want to try this is not happy with the privacy policy (or lack of one) at Poll Everywhere. And, I also have my concerns. So, until I get their ok to use it in class I’m trying the other instant survey tool. Yay! I’ll blog later in the term how it is going.

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