Week 12 POT Wrapup

Week 1 –Introduction

I did a fine job of introducing myself for week 1.

Week 2 – Thoughts on other Teaching Blogs

I responded well to the assignment of browsing others blogs and even listed ones I especially enjoyed.

Week 3 –Week 3 POT update & More Thoughts on Week 3

There was significantly more information to respond to on week three. It took me two separate posts.

Week 4 – Synopsis of Week 4

I had addressed many of the week 4 questions in my week 3 posts, but I did add a few more ideas for a week 4 post.

Week 5 – Thoughts on Week 5

After week 4 I began using some visual images within my posts. I like how they give a bit more interest to the text. I also included some different heading sizes for the fonts in my posts.

Week 6 – Prezi with Audio

I do enjoy Prezi, but I did not post much else this week other than a Prezi with sound.

Week 7 – Thoughts on Pilar’s Video & Collaborative post

I really enjoyed Pilar’s video on community. My post also includes a lack of community I am experiencing at one of the campuses where I work. My second post for this week is the collaborative assignment similar to one I might post in a rock history class.

Week 8 – Week 8

This week provides me with many tools to investigate further during break. I, however, am not a big fan of Google +

Week 9 – Week 9

The Ko and Rossen readings on syllabi is interesting and I have already incorporated many of their ideas. I really enjoyed the Second Life event, but may hold off on using this right now for a class.

Week 10 – Week 10

This is the first term I have used a course blog and I include some thoughts on it in this post. I also created a mini web site in Google sites, but I actually prefer Wix and will have to play with it further.

Week 11 – Week 11

Well, my posts have certainly taken on my quirky personality at this point. Much of the material on open source content is right up my alley.

Week 12 – Well, here I am. Thrilled to have completed 12 weeks already, and with a HUGE basket of toys, tools and fun applications to explore over the holiday break. Thanks to everyone; Lisa, Jim, Ted, Vanessa (my mentor), Clare and anyone else who has helped me as I have stumbled through the first half of this course. I may get frustrated at times, but fortunately my Scottish determination (stubborn, pig-headed-ness) prevails.


2 thoughts on “Week 12 POT Wrapup

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    Thanks for acknowledgement, but dang you were easy, answer a few questions, point you at a resource and and you were off and running all on your own. The poster girl for autonomous learning. Persistence pays off (unless you get stuck in a loop). I know more than a few who let frustration do them in. That’s where stubborn comes in handy.

    No rule that you have to use everything or even investigate all the tools~ play with all the new toys ~ at once. More than once, I’ve tried something out, left it and come back to it later. Sometimes I’m in the middle of something else and get a brain fart – “Oh that’s what I can use X for!” But also sometimes not… or someone comes out with a better one before I get to the early version. Sometimes you do the Beta, sometime it does and other times someone else does it for you.

    What would you say is your major takeaway so far?

    • jrproppe says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Vanessa.

      I would say my biggest “takeaway” would be that I am now a convert of open source learning. I was on the fence before beginning this certificate class, and even though the institutions where I teach often still have registrations and closed courses, I have opened up my course slides and other materials to my F2F courses via a central info blog.

      I use a course shell at MCC that is actually quite good and allows me full editorial control so I’m not totally convinced that course shells are all evil, but I can see how some prepackaged courses could be horrible for learning. I guess I’ve learned the key is me and my pedagogy for sure. I’m looking forward to the next semester. 🙂

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