Week 8

I still find Elluminate a bit overwhelming and might save more exploration of this powerful tool for next term. I have watched a few of the recorded sessions, but the speed of the connection made for choppy visuals and some unclear comments by others in the session. I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Blackboard, so I don’t know how much I might use this in the future. I will also need to check out Vyew as an alternative to Elluminate.

Pilar’s Voicethread was fascinating and I can definitely see uses for this in music courses. I plan to explore this more as well over the break between semesters.

I had some difficulty with co-comments. Although I launched this program each time I made a comment for this assignment I never received any notification that my comments were receiving responses or further comments. I honestly do not know what I may be doing incorrectly with this comment collection software.

I won’t be using Google + hangout anytime soon. After polling my students, they still seem to prefer Facebook. Many of them have expressed fears of Google’s intentions with this new social network. So, for now I’ll stick with Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. Lisa M. Lane says:

    I’m sorry for leading people astray with cocomments, which seems to struggle in the new browsers. I am now using co.mments instead (http://co.mments.com).

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