Halloween-eve POT Thoughts

1) I’m still mulling over the reading on the online syllabus even though I have moved on to other weekly POT things. I find it interesting that Ko and Rosen remind the reader to make the syllabus easy to print for the students. I agree, although that seems to eliminate the syllabus as the anchor, scheduler, contract, reminder, weekly task bulletin board and anything else it might become in the course. I do like the current format the POT course has with each week available to scroll through in the middle of the page, but I don’t think I would call it a syllabus.

2) Wow, I really loved the synchronous session in Second Life. My mind is reeling with ideas for music hang-outs and such. I even found a Progressive Rock Museum in SL. See my pics below.








I had been previously introduced to SL through another institution, but they did not provide any assistance or information. Thanks again Cris for hosting a very fun session.  😎

Pitfalls for SL: Well it took the help of Lisa, Cris and another browser for me to even participate, so I can see students getting frustrated as well. It is also a bit easy to get lost in SL as the hours tick away, which isn’t completely bad, but it might distract from any seriously focused course work in the site.

This Halloween-eve goal is to explore Merlot and get caught up. Here’s a fun Halloween cartoon for Veggies like me or my spooky Vegan friends:


2 thoughts on “Halloween-eve POT Thoughts

  1. ericaduran says:

    To respond to your first point, I actually found it refreshing that Ko and Rossen mentioned that students should print their syllabus for two reasons: first, many times online students of mine will say they did not know what they were supposed to do during a week where, for example, they had to be offline for their own personal and unexpected reasons. By having a printed syllabus they would not have had to worry about an internet connection to find out what their readings were for the week. They could have looked it over and stayed caught up even if they were sitting in bed sick, etc… Second, I teach online for a university in CT and they had to cancel classes for last week due to the massive snow storm. Many of my students just told me via email that they realized they should have printed the syllabus at the beginning of the semester because in their down time, because they had no where to go, they could have at least been doing their reading so it was completed by the time the power did come back on or perhaps they could have read ahead.

    I guess both of my examples relate to unexpected events taking folks offline and that is never conducive to an online class, but certainly having connectivity problems occurs and it seems like a realistic back-up to print the syllabus. I also know many, many students, including myself, who are simply traditional and have binders with paper copies of their online course materials. I’ve often thought most online instructors probably do not realize that any students print those materials up, and that must be why I have encountered so many printer un-friendly documents in my online classes! 🙂 I have always taken online classes while living in areas that have spotty internet connection, so I have always required paper copies. Also, I simply prefeer to have them in front of me for refernece to save time “signing on” to get them.

    I agree, the current POT set-up does not appear to be syllabus like, but I do enjoy having it there. I find myself constantly referring back to the syllabus though, as that anchor you mentioned, to see what is coming up.

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