Prezi with Audio

Here is my first music Prezi with me narrating. I used Jing which I found a bit more simple than Camtasia, but I do not own a fancy mic for my computer, so if I do more of these I definitely will invest in one rather than talk into the screen of my laptop. It may just be my laptop, but I’m not really that happy with the choppy quality of the zooming. Clearly I have much more to learn, but it is a fun program and much more dynamic than static Powerpoint slides.


2 thoughts on “Prezi with Audio

  1. Ted Major says:

    Finally got around to listening to the narrated version–much better! Thanks for sharing.

    It also reminded me of the “I Got a Mashup” chapter of James Boyle’s copyright treatise The Public Domain, which discusses the origins and later adaptations of Ray Charles’s “I Got a Woman.”

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