Synopsis of week 4

For the most part I addressed most of the questions for week 4 in week 3. I had already read the entire text chapter during week 3.

Prezi – I love, love, love it and wish I had a bit more time to play there. Well, that is what winter break is for right? Here is my first Prezi on the musical influences of rock and roll.

HTML – I agree with some of the others in the POT group that I don’t think this is entirely necessary for all online instructors. So many of the new tools available are very intuitive to use such as WP, Prezi, etc., that knowing html may not be necessary. However, it might be helpful to at least have a way to read the code to determine if something has gone wrong with a post. In music writing software, I imagine it would be a nightmare to decipher and I’ll leave it to those experts in html to assist for now.

From Chapter 3: – My post on week three has the points I found the most interesting from this chapter. UPDATE:Β  While designing a new course or editing an existing course I would like to move my beginners questionnaire number from15 to closer to the middle of the scale by providing students with more opportunities to be more independent. I am already including more discussion forums where the students ask and answer their own questions (with my editing eyes present). I would like to try more collaborative assignments for future online courses.


7 thoughts on “Synopsis of week 4

  1. karenteach1 says:

    I loved your Prezi! Now I have to try Prezi! It looked so easy when you did it! How long did it take you?

    I see that you are already an instructor. I am just learning and loving what I am learning and hope to be an online instructor one day. Keep up the good work!

    • jproppe says:

      Hi Karen, It took me about an hour or so since I made a few boo- boos the first time. Then I completely lost the presentation and had to start all over again. It is fun but I think I would like to streamline it still. I know there is a way to add sound and/or music but I have not figured that out quite yet. Thanks for the compliment. Best of luck with your future teaching. We certainly need more good people in the online world. πŸ™‚

  2. Laura says:

    Your Prezi was great! That is great that you are using more discussions now. Are they going well? What kind of collaborative activities are you considering for your future classes? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your Prezi. What a fun post!

    • jproppe says:

      Hi Laura, thanks for the compliment. The discussions are going well and classmates are building friendships and support between each other, which was one of my goals this term. For collaborative assignments I’d like to bring a f2f assignment on analyzing political/social/cultural lyrics in rock songs to my online class. I may, however, begin with something a bit more simple such as a rock genre assignment and see how it goes. Then I could see where some of the problems occur without stressing out too many people, including me. πŸ™‚

  3. Ted Major says:

    Great Prezi, but like other slideshows without narration, it still feels incomplete–I’d really like to hear what you have to say as the presentation pans & zooms. I don’t know an easy way to do that, though. 😦

    • jproppe says:

      Thanks Ted. Yeah, without any narration it does seem a bit like a psychedelic journey. LOL! Until I figure out how to add sound I plan to try using these mute ones in class as I jabber over the top of where the Prezi takes the class.

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