More Thoughts on Week 3

More thoughts on week 3 (I’m having a struggle keeping up), Phew!

The “getting started chart” was very helpful. I currently teach both f2f and online and have already implemented many of the 7 principles in both types of courses. With regards to the chart, I am definitely have my own ideas and don’t need a huge amount of help getting going with my courses. I like to teach in a combo of lecture and discussion. Since my courses are music courses there must be multiple ways for students the “get” the material. Therefore, short videos, discussions, lectures, web site resources and collaboration with fellow students have to be in place.

My biggest challenge is implementing actual musical notation in an online course. Yes, I can make videos, but there are great web sites out there that have interactive music notation for assignments such as note spelling, music analysis on a score, and even following along with a score while a piece of music plays. Our college (MiraCosta) uses Moodle online course packages for theory courses and my other 2 colleges don’t even offer music theory online. I would love to solve this puzzle and have more knowledge in creating this type of course from the ground up (nothing against our current Moodle courses, they are great). 🙂

In my current online course the discussion forums are extremely helpful for the students and they are encouraged (by me) to swap contact information or email each other directly.

Question regarding the chart: What if your institution requires you to use a particular CMS such as Blackboard? That is the case at one of the institution where I teach f2f. It honestly has kept me from pursuing teaching an online course at that college. 😦

My favorite of the seven good practices:

“1. Good Practice Encourages Contacts Between Students and Faculty
Frequent student-faculty contact in and out of class is a most important factor in student motivation and involvement. Faculty concern helps students get through rough times and keep on working. Knowing a few faculty members well enhances students’ intellectual commitment and encourages them to think about their own values and plans.” – Arthur W. Chickering and Stephen C. Ehrmann

I attended a faculty seminar recently where we were given some statistics on positive feed back and student success in online courses. As few as 1 positive email or comment a week can raise student’s achievement almost an entire letter grade. It made a huge impression on me to say the least. It made me think how great it feels when my dept. chair or dean praises my performance.

 “6. Good Practice Communicates High Expectations
Expect more and you will get it.” – Arthur W. Chickering andStephen C. Ehrmann

I especially love this one and have always believed that if we raise the bar, students will indeed reach it given the opportunity, tools and encouragement.


3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Week 3

  1. Carmen says:

    Thanks! This reminds me to leave more positive comments as well. I tend to focus on “constructive” comments (well, more questions actually), but praise is always welcomed!

  2. karenteach1 says:

    Wow, you say you are struggling to keep up, but it looks as if you are doing fine and staying on task. I could take a page from you! Keep up the good work!

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