Week 3 POT update

I am loving all the new technology I am learning about through this course. I guess to be accurate they are web 2.0 resources. Don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about 🙂

I have just completed the week 3 chapter reading and I would like to experiment with many of the tools mentioned in the chapter such as Wimba voice boards, Pronto instant messenger and Adobe connect. I have never heard nor used these tools before.

From the Beginners ques. I scored 15 just as Lisa did so that puts me in the more instructor directed side of things. This was not too surprising to me though. I am investigating ways to provide more decision making and independent learning tools and exercises be made available for my students. But, a little at a time for now.

I especially found the guidelines for expanding or reducing an existing course very handy. I am often asked to teach the same course but in 8 weeks rather than 16 weeks or the other way around.

On to week 4, yikes!!!


One thought on “Week 3 POT update

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