Alec Couros Video – Inspiring!!!

I have been tossing around the prospect of posting my f2f PowerPoint lectures online for my students for a few months now. In the past I have felt that doing so would discourage students from attending f2f classes and allow them to just study the slides for exams. Well, after some interesting seminars and videos I am going to try posting them this semester. The flipped classroom concept is something I am very interested in and I already lecture outside of the box, so to speak. If I had any reservations before then Alec Couros’ video sealed the deal for me today. It just dawned on me that all the readings, notes and links I provide to my online students should be available to the f2f ones. Instead of worrying about the students who chose to skip class (they still will anyhow), I can better aid the others in grasping the large amount of material for the course. Also, with the sizes expanding from 40 to 90 students per class, it seems impossible to reach every learner in the room, and posting my slides can help those who might be getting left behind.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir literally brought tears to my eyes. WOW!!! What an incredibly moving example of using online resources.

To address one of Lisa’s questions: “Alec says any kid with a computer can make his own videos and edit them. What would be the point of that?”

I have given a project to students where they are assigned a certain classical music composer and then must create a “fake” Facebook page for that composer. This is similar to creating a video, but not all students have access to video technology yet. When they create their own video or Facebook page they inherently learn more about that composer or subject. They then share them with the class and become the teacher for a brief period of time. I have also seen videos by students where they collaborate with classmates and produce a creative video on the proper use of grammar in a sentence for instance. It is a fantastic and creative way to learn.

This was a great video on open source material and it changed my opinion on making material available for all students.

“Without sharing there is no education” – David A. Wiley


2 thoughts on “Alec Couros Video – Inspiring!!!

  1. I’ve been slowing moving myself towards the “flipped” classroom. This semester my courses are built around a Tuesday lectures and Thursday group work day structure, with an online asynchronous discussion/study question on Wednesday. My hope is to finally make the jump to fully flipped in the next year by simply emphasizing the group work and the online component more and more. We’ll see . . . .

    The attendance problem is always interesting. I think you’ve hit on the right idea. The students who are going to skip are going to skip regardless and, actually, (at least in my experience) that’s not a good portion of the student body. Most actually do want to be there and helping them take control of their education is a good part of what we’re supposed to be doing as instructors.

    Have you ever tried to use Google Moderator or a twitter tag to shape discussions ahead of time?

  2. Thanks so much for the nice words about this presentation. I appreciate it, and I’m really happy that you were able to take away a few ideas.

    Enjoy the rest of this class!

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