Jing! Capture web screens.

OK, I just discovered Jing as well today. What a great tool for showing an online student how to navigate through a new course!! It also integrates nicely with Camtasia and Snagit, which are similar products I am already a little familiar with. I’m loving these new finds! 😎


One thought on “Jing! Capture web screens.

  1. Todd Conaway says:

    Jing is an amazing thing! It is the perfect way to respond to a student question these days. Most folks do have speakers and the screencast video loads really fast even on dial up machines.

    If I have any advice it is to make sure you only capture a quarter of your screen when demonstrating something. the file size gets huge if you capture your whole screen and usually that is not necessary anyway.

    You are right, it is a great way to show students what is where and the expectations in a course. We have used it too to get faculty to share what they are doing in their courses too! http://telswebletter.blogspot.com/p/tours-of-classes.html

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