Grooveshark for music lists

I had the chance to chat with a fellow music professor friend today and he clued me in to Grooveshark. Maybe you already know about it for streaming music. It is much like Pandora, but unlike Pandora, I can create playlists and email them to students for study purposes.

One of the many challenges to online or face to face music teaching is getting the music accessible to the student without breaking any copyright laws. The History of Rock course is especially challenging since so much of the music is too unreasonably expensive for text book publishers to buy the rights. Grooveshark takes care of the copyright issues since no music is downloaded, and the students, either online or face to face, do not have to purchase every track to for study purposes.


3 thoughts on “Grooveshark for music lists

  1. Todd Conaway says:

    That is a good one. It has a great library!

    I recently got a Spotify invite and I have found it to have a pretty deep library as well. It is not a web-based player, it is a download similar to iTunes, but you can play whole albums and songs, unlike iTunes preview.

    YouTube has also been an amazing resource for music for me. All my favorite bands had either broken up or had members pass away before I ever got to see them. And I can watch them without paying 36.99 for a DVD of some concert.

    History of Rock! What a great class. It makes history all the more relevant to some and uses another discipline, music, to give the class more depth.

    Nice work!

  2. Jean Proppe says:

    Thanks Todd,

    I also use Youtube for visuals and in case an artist is not available on Grooveshark (The Beatles are not there??!!)

    Be careful with Spotify. There was an announcement a few weeks back that downloading this program also loads a non-removable cookie on your computer. Since it was released in Europe first they were particularly upset.

    Yes, the history of rock is great. The challenge is to emphasize to the students the social and cultural connection, not just the endless list of drug abuse and young deaths sadly associated with the genre.

    Best wishes and rock on!!

  3. Todd Conaway says:

    I also like the interviews and “rare footage” on YouTube. Pretty rich resource sometimes.

    Had not heard about cookies or anything negative about Spotify. So far so good.

    Music has so many cultural influences, regardless of time and type. What a great class to have!

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