Jean’s new POT blog. No, it’s not the POT you were thinking about!

Hi there.

I want to introduce myself and get started with this new blog. My name is Jean and I am a musicologist and I teach music courses both online and face-to-face for various community colleges in southern California. I love all styles of music and especially how music reflects culture and a society. I am a pianist, sing,¬† and conduct. When I’m not making or teaching about music I love to ride my bike, visit art galleries and museums, read and spend time with family and friends. I love animals of all sorts and I have two curious cats at home. I am looking forward to diving in to this course with everyone.


5 thoughts on “Jean’s new POT blog. No, it’s not the POT you were thinking about!

  1. mcc123 says:

    Hi Jean – welcome to POT. My name is Ralene. I look forward to getting to know you & others in the class. Your work sounds interesting, especially with the mix of online & classroom teaching. AND….that you work with several colleges. I look forward to hearing more about you & your work!

  2. I’ve never even thought about music course online. How does that work? What tools do you use?

    • jproppe says:

      Hi there,
      Are you “B” or “David-Shannon”?

      I teach music appreciation and the history of rock online. Since they are humanities courses and largely history based they fit an online format pretty well. It is when I have to incorporate music for listening exams that things get a bit dicey. Right now I am using a preexisting course shell designed by the Megills. They are excellent courses, but I would like to have the skills to build my own course as well as customize my current courses further. But, for performing courses many teachers are using Skype or similar video phones for “lessons”. This would be pretty difficult for a beginner since we really need to see body posture and be present for bad habits that may crop up, but for an intermediate or advanced student it may be the only way to work with a master teacher who does not live in their area.

  3. vcvaile says:

    Hi Jean – Vanessa (in NM) here. I’m behind posting my bio but intend to get to that today as well whatever still lurks on my Aug 31 MUST BEFORE SEPT 1 list. In the meantime, there’s a profile on my blog.

    I lived in Davis CA from 1993-2000 (and a spell years before that) but am sometimes fuzzy on SoCal geography since I was in a different part of the state.

    I’m looking forward to learning more about teaching and learning about music online ~ and listening. I have cats, 2 big hairy dogs and used to have a couple of Welsh mares as yard ornaments

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